Review of “In Bt.” by James Kidac

In Bt.“In Bt” is an interesting story of angels and devils, love and life in the modern world. It’s a lifetime of experiences condensed into four hundred pages for us to make use of. It is a fantasy that is very much about the reality.

If you’re looking for a novel with traditional storytelling, this is not it. Mr Kidac makes his own rules in crafting his story and putting. The unique authorial voice, while mostly engaging, occasionally skews in the self-indulging territory. At times the plot and characters were obscured by overly verbose prose but it still manages to keep the reader’s attention.

What I really enjoyed about this novel is how personal and intimate it feels. It’s almost like an immediate insight into the author’s mind and his worldviews. The philosophy he presents is somewhat cynical yet there is a subtle current of optimism flowing through the novel. He still manages to emphasize the importance of love and relationships in the development of human identity.

The author had put down the foundations for his own personal style which I’m sure will continue to develop in his path to becoming an established author.

If you are in need of a different kind of novel, something that will give a different perspective and make you think more deeply about how the modern world works, “In Bt.” is something to check out.

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