“The Harmonious Land of Semi Darkness” by Tibor Žukina

The Harmonious Land of Semi-Darknessis a high fantasy novel that talks about the interference of the higher beings with the lives of mortals. God, demons and regular people all intertwined in one story of the never-ending battle of good and evil.  i286260064332163359._szw480h1280_

As someone who is coming from the same culture as the author, I couldn’t help but notice him exploring some themes in his novel that are pretty typical for our region. It plainly obvious that Mr Žukina is struggling with his environment which, although quite warm and family focused, usually questions every decision a young person makes. This is reflected in the character of Andria, who after his childhood feels like he’s not progressing in life.

The author has a writing style which is pretty usual for the genre but he really makes it his own. What I really enjoyed about this novel was his devotion to his story and how much it subconsciously reflected the reality which we both share. Although his prose can be pretty thick and hard to read at times, it definitely didn’t lack in the description which made the world he built quite easy to picture.

This is a novel that appeals to the lovers of the genre which is admittedly rather niche. So if you enjoy an action-packed plot with plenty of high speech dialogue, “The Harmonious Land of Semi-Darkness” is something to check out.


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