Review of “Implicit: Soul Invictus” by Mark Tiro

Implicit: Soul Invictus (The Spirit Invictus, #1)The story of “Implicit: Soul Invictus” starts with our main character Maya, whose career as a law professor gets ruined by one of her students saying one simple lie to stain her reputation. Holding a grudge, she invited her law school friend Larry to help her with the lawsuit and have a few drinks too. She then finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, in a middle of an armed robbery where she gets shot multiple times and dies. Maya’s soul then goes on a journey through her past and future lives, where she learns about the universe, life and what it means to forgive.

The plot starts off slow but it soon picks up and it’s impossible to stop reading. It was mostly helped by Mr Tiro’s unique writing style which is easy to follow and builds momentum as the story goes on.

What I really enjoyed about this novel was how much hope it gives to the reader about life. It’s a great blend of spirituality and philosophy with a dash of author’s knowledge of history, which he then clarifies further in his note at the end of the novel.

My only remark would be that perhaps the way the author writes is too unified and it’s impossible to distinguish the way the modern characters talk from the historic and future ones. But that can be easily overlooked if you take in consideration that all these incarnations came from one soul and its characteristics are supposed to be unifying since, if you believe in reincarnation, there is something about our souls which makes them unique and transcends rebirth.

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