Review of “Eternal Victim” by Dexter Morgenstern

Eternal VictimIn this paranormal novella, we follow the unnamed Witness who travels back in time and testifies to a series of bloody murders which are somehow connected. It’s up to her to find the thread that connects them to each other and to her

Guaranteed to make your skin crawl, “Eternal Victim” is a well-written story. The author uses language as a simple and efficient tool to make the blood in your veins go cold. For some reason, his style and the plot reminded me of countless room escape games I played in the mid to late 2000s. Add some creepy music and I’m 11 years old again.

Mr Morgenstern (whose last name I simply adore – meaning the Morning Star) has written a very uncommon book. His approach to horror and suspense isn’t something you see often these days and the story is quite carefully crafted.

The character that I really liked was the Whistler. He’s terrifying and he kills so easily, almost effortlessly. Everything about his sinister and evil. He has a bit of a noir quality of him and reminds me of a murderer in this one old German film from 1931, called “M – A city searches for a murderer” where the bad guy whistles a particular song as if to warn the audience that he’s going to strike soon.

If you want something to make you scared of the dark and give you a serious case of goosebumps then “Eternal Victim” is a novella worth checking out.

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