Review of “operationFRUIT” by [REDACTED]


“operationFRUIT” is a peculiar debut (or at least, I assume so) novel that explores the human nature and the parts of the human psyche that are disturbing and haunting. It begins with Dave, a mechanical engineering student and a pothead, who is a quite an intelligent young man but has a very cynical and depressing view of life. As the story progresses, he takes you along a path which shows you all the dangers of human trafficking and drug abuse.

The writing style which the author uses is a little rough around its edges but it still manages to communicate the way he sees the world, in one of its most terribly disturbing editions of itself.

The main character’s inner voice carries a unique heaviness. His relationship with Eve, his ex-girlfriend/flame/ fuck buddy accurately reflect the state of romantic relationships in the contemporary society, especially among college-aged kids.

What I particularly enjoyed about this curious novel is its raw nature. It spoke to me on an almost primal level. Although, it still needed some cleaning up to do and I would’ve appreciated more descriptions that eased me into the story rather than just straight on dumping me in it. But then again, “operationFRUIT” isn’t really something I usually read, but it was still worth my while.


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