“The Long Body That Connects Us All”

The Long Body That Connects Us AllThe long body that connects us all” is a poetry collection composed of fifty-three poems and divided into three parts. It’s written by Rich Marcello who is an accomplished musician and songwriter, a creative writing teacher, a poet and an artist to his core. He already had three books published, two romance novels and a novel about grief and loss.

The poems found in this collection are often encompassed by the same theme of love and the human experience of what it means to be a man. There is something really special about poems and that is the way they manage to convey us so many emotions and images in so little words and poetry of Rich Marcello is no exception. He manages to provide us with a guide to life and a more emotional experience of manhood.

The first poem in the collection is a great start. “A Piece of Bark,” tells us how the author is heartbroken and that he harbours some guilt to what he had done to his former lover, but he knows that like the tree in the poem, he will heal too. Another poem which I really liked is “Thanksgiving”, which speaks of the family tradition and how the author connects with his father and recognizes that they are both uncertain how to treat each other.

The poet is direct and genuine and he uses metaphors to accompany the sentiments he is expressing. Enjoyment of these poems might be based on whether or not the readers have similar experiences though. But the poems are deeply confessional in nature and they are quite universal.

Poetry today, at least in its classical form, is somewhat a dying art. Although it isn’t my prefered form of literature, I quite enjoyed this collection. The author definitely made his mark on the medium and has developed his own style. I can’t wait to see what else he will produce in his future and I‘m sure many people would find his art enjoyable.

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